Innovative key cabinets
Hartmann Security

Innovative key cabinets by Hartmann Security ? a novelty in the Polish market

Hartmann Security is proud to present a new addition to its offer ? key cabinets. These products, though new in the Polish market, have been proven and embraced by multiple customers throughout Europe. For more than 20 years, key cabinets have been utilized in numerous public administration institutions, companies, airports and military facilities.
Hartmann Security key cabinets are a modern solution, offering security and simplifying the supervision of key management in all facilities fitted with key locks.

Identification of both employees and released keys prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the keys. Additionally, Hartmann key cabinets help to fully eliminate the so-called ?human factor? mistakes in the key management process.
Mechanical locking of keys in the cabinet and the option to assign specific user authorizations to individual keys guarantee that a given key can be taken only by an authorized person.

Employee identification at the key cabinet can be performed by means of an individual PIN code, proximity cards or biometric techniques. Custom control methods can be combined for the most important keys. The key cabinet guarantees 100% safety of the keys ? and the rooms they help to protect.

The transparent software in Polish allows you to create extensive reports on key statuses, alarm situations and other events based on the pre-defined criteria. The non-volatile event memory included in the cabinet allows for easy retrieval of the last 10,000 events related to a specific key, employee or situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to respond to your questions and to develop an individually customized offer to meet your expectations.